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Eine feine, reduzierte Zeichnung eines Zahns als Metapher für den Schwerpunkt Allgemeine Zahnmedizin in der Praxis am Mexikoplatz in Berlin
Eine feine, reduzierte Zeichnung eines Zahns als Metapher für den Schwerpunkt Allgemeine Zahnmedizin in der Praxis am Mexikoplatz in Berlin

General Dentistry

Zahnärzte am Mexikoplatz Berlin

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Damaged and/or decayed teeth can be reconstructed functionally and aesthetically by using high quality filling materials. The location and size of each defect defines the type of restoration that should be applied. There are differences in the process of manufacturing as well as coloration, shape and texture. 

A highly damaged tooth is rather reconstructed with ceramic inlays than with filling materials like composites to have a certainty of a long lifespan of the restoration. Ceramic inlays can be manufactured in any kind of tooth color which makes them invisible compared to gold or other metal inlays. The CAD/CAM technology enables  a timely and fast production of ceramic inlays in our dental practice at the Mexikoplatz in Berlin. 

Root Canal Treatment

The inside of a tooth is a medullary space called the pulp. Once the pulp is infected due to damage and/or decay a root canal treatment becomes necessary to prevent tooth loss. During the root canal treatment the tissue inside the tooth gets removed and is filled with biomaterials which is called a root canal filling. The anatomical diversity of root canal structures can be discovered and properly treated with the use of a dental microscope. The volume of the root canal can be magnified to the twenty-fivefold and therefore a more precise preparation of the root canals can be performed. This ensures a higher treatment quality with more predictable results which concludes to a better longevity of the tooth and less likeliness of a reinfection. The dental microscope is next to the three dimensional x-ray (CBCT) one of the main innovations in  modern dentistry. It increases the long term success of root canal treatments. It occurs that patients with reinfected root canals are referred to a maxillofacial surgeon or oral surgeon in order to undergo a root tip resection. Performing a review of the root canal treatment can help to remedy a reinfection in most cases and prevent a surgical procedure like a root tip resection. We are eager to advise you in this regard at our dental practice in Berlin-Zehlendorf.


Pressing and grinding of the teeth can be caused by any kind of stress. It has been shown that tooth grinding is performed especially at night times during sleeping periods which makes it hard for patients to perceive. The teeth, jaw and neck muscles as well as the temporomandibular joints are harmed through this parafunction. Excessive grinding, also known as bruxism, can cause a loss of dental hard tissue which reduces the occlusal height. This is followed by a substantial malfunctioning of the temporomandibular joints. Bruxism can lead to chronic irritation and pain. As in most areas in dentistry prevention is the key. Splints are used to protect the referred anatomical structures. The dental splint is usually worn at night times to counteract and prevent damage through grinding and pressing habits. Dental Splints are planned digitally with a  scan in our practice printed with a 3D printer to ensure highest possible precision.


It has been shown that dental check-ups on a regular basis decrease the necessity of treatment. It is important to detect changes in an early stage and to be able to counteract accordingly. It also helps us to give our patients room and time for questions and ideas. We welcome you to book your check up appointment in our dental clinic at the Mexikoplatz in Berlin-Zehlendorf!

Pain Management

Please call us in case of pain or use the online appointment tool on our website. We will find a time window to give you the chance for a timely consultation in our dental practice in Berlin-Zehlendorf.

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Eine lächelnde Frau mit schönen Zähnen mit gelockten Haaren

Our Practice is Currently Being Renovated

Dear patients,

Our practice will be closed from April 1st, 2023 to July 1st, 2023 due to renovation work. We would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

For the months of April and June 2023 we will be at the Steffen Hocke dental practice, Breisgauer Str. 37, 14129 Berlin. Our telephone number 030 – 801 51 21 will remain the same during this period. In May 2023 we will be on company holidays and dentist Steffen Hocke will be available for any emergency pain service.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our newly renovated practice in July at Beerenstr. 66.

Best regards

Your dentists at Berlin Mexikoplatz.

Lorena Gerlach & Dr. Constantine Wegenstein

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Eine lächelnde Frau mit schönen Zähnen mit gelockten Haaren